The LotusSharkers

Cinematic media experts with a unique holistic approach to storytelling.

About our team:

LotusShark™ develops story centric content to help you and your business grow with perfect balance to move you forward in visually connecting with your customers for conversion.

LotusShark is a Creative Production Agency made up of authentic and passionate artists who take the time to get to know you because being part of your journey matters to us. We implement a holistic total production philosophy which integrates our services seamlessly into the fabric of your brand.

Our Services:

Content Strategy

Production coordinating
Talent acquisition
Script coverage


Brand content
Social content
Production management


Motion graphics
Post audio
Color correction
Audio sync

Creative Services

Campaign development
Social strategy
Social media management
GIFs creation
Content strategy mapping
Web-based Media CMS Design

Our Clients:

Our Team

Authentic, passionate artistic content experts to bring your vision to life.

Aymie Majerski
Founder, Executive Producer
Jason Young
Director, Media Solutions Architect
Shannon St. George
Production Manager
Jake Dressman
Head of Post Production
Mike Hefforn
Director of Content
Rachel Jones
Social Media Associate
Rae'ven Reed
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