In 2016, Stephen Colbert brought his late-night comedy to CBS' sister network Showtime for a live election-night special that featured Colbert, his guests and a live studio audience in New York responding in real time to an outcome that neither Colbert's team, nor the majority of polls, had predicted. Four years later, in 2020, Colbert returned to Showtime for yet another live, election-night special.

LotusShark filmed social content for the special prior to the screening on election night 2020. Our team shot and edited 2 short videos (flatten curves & disinfect) and one long video (countdown to election results). These clips have been used on the Showtime Twitter account (see link below).

Colbert Disinfectant Popcorn (instagram)

Colbert Drinking Countdown (twitter)

Colbert Flattening the curve (twitter)

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